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From the Desk of Principal Palmer



My, my, my! The year is flying by! Sometimes you would not believe the volume of information that crosses an educator’s desk on a given day. It can be over whelming. Every so often though, something comes across that because of its simplicity and clarity needs to be shared. Below is a list of five tips parents can share with teens. They were taken from the Gurian Institute’s Gender and Education News.

Tips for Teens and Parents

1. You are never as abnormal as you think. “I’m not tall enough, strong enough, mature enough, smart enough, and talented enough.” These are very common thoughts in the mind of a teen. Let them know that they are not alone, but are enough just as they are.

2. Mistakes do not define you. It’s what you do with them that creates who you are. Identify them, face them, and correct them. Correcting mistakes builds your character.

3. Those who give you the most grief usually care the most about you. A coach said, “Do you know why I am on you so much? It’s because I love you. If I really didn’t care about you, I would just ignore you.” Notice who is giving you grief...and why.

4. Control what you can control. It is unrealistic to solve everything, though one can have empathy for others. Focus on what can be controlled and control it, look at what can be solved, not who is at fault or how dire the situation seems to be. Your ability to control your attitude will get you the best results.

5. You are always someone’s role model. Many of us think that because we are not famous it doesn’t matter what we say or do. The reality is that we are all role models.

Sometimes parents struggle finding a good time to talk about these concepts. In my experience the best opportunity is at the dinner table with family or friends. In fact, a national survey conducted in 2006 by the University of Michigan found that ...”family meals are a better predictor of higher achievement scores and fewer behavioral problems for children.” The family dinner was even a better predictor than the amount of time spent studying!


In Education,


Steven Palmer, Principal







































































































































































































































































Notice of Special Meeting


Please take notice that there will be a Special Meeting of the Pansophia Academy Board of Directors:


Date of Meeting:          February 19, 2015


Place of Meeting:         Pansophia Academy

                                   52 Abbott Ave                                        Coldwater, MI 49036


Time of Meeting:         6:00 p.m.


Telephone Number:     (517) 279-4686


Purpose                  Rescheduled Meeting


Meeting minutes are on file and available for public inspection during normal business hours in the school’s visitor office, located at 52 Abbott Avenue, Coldwater, MI.


 Access to Public Meetings


The school will provide necessary and reasonable auxiliary aids and services to those

individuals requiring such upon prior notice to the Executive Director.


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