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Welcome to Pansophia


From the Desk of Principal Volovsek



Dear Pansophia Academy Parent/Guardians,


We are pleased to announce Mr. Tim Volovsek as the new school leader for Pansophia Academy. Mr. Volovsek brings many years of school leadership and administrative experience to Pansophia and is excited to join the community. Mr. Palmer has taken a struggling school and made it a good school—Mr. Volovsek is inspired by the challenge of taking it from good to great! Please join us in welcoming Mr. Volovsek to Pansophia Academy.

Pansophia Academy Staff




































































































































































































































































































Dear Parents/Families, 


Each year the school collects information about our school and families. Please take a few minutes to complete the two surveys listed below. Survey one is an internal survey that will help the teachers and school administration improve our school. Survey two will let our management company and chartering university know how things are going. 

Please be assured that your responses to these surveys will be anonymous. Your honest opinion is appreciated. 





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Pansophia Academy recognized as One of America's Best High Schools of 2013